Monday, October 20, 2008

"Sex Among The Geeks"

"Which executive gave an artist a phenomenal amount of work over the last two years so that the executive may woo a colleague and partner of the artist, in a manner rather reminiscent of the biblical tale of David and Uriah?"

There's actually a Bathsheba of the comic book industry?

One of the gigs my literary agent was trying to line up for me was an article/comic in GQ (yes, the actual GQ Magazine for men) entitled "Sex Among The Geeks." The theme? Fornication in the comic book industry.

I said to her: "I don't think I can come up with enough good stuff."

She said,


(Butters from South Park impression): "Uh, okay."

Postscript: "Sex Among The Geeks" is still a pretty viable topic for an article I think, between the sex on beds made of comic book boxes and the apparent Biblical references. And the cosplay.


  1. There's a funny German movie, from the 1980s, called "Maenner" (Men). In it, an advertising executive discovers his wife is having an affair with a bohemian artist. The husband then moves in with the artist (neither the wife or her boyfriend know who he really is), and systematically turns him into a professional graphic designer.

    Quite funny, and your DC post reminded me of it.

    So... any juicy items? Staffers wearing the Catwoman suit on display at DC HQ? Superman/Lois fantasies on the top of 1700 Broadway?

  2. "So... any juicy items?"

    Well, if I wrote them here, there'd be nothing left for that GQ article.

    But seriously, people don't really have sex with each other in the comic book industry. They just collect stuff and buy cool art.


  3. ...really? ...seriously, you can tell us. Just Kidding. Creepiness of the first question aside, I think it couldn't be left out entirely. I get it, it probably isn't like music-artists constantly hooking up, or actors for that matter. But I how about fans and the writers/artist. Neil Gaiman and goth girls. I mean, he's married, but if he wasn't! Not to mention Jhonen Vasquez's fan-base.

    On another note: Cosplay is a definite with the fans. I mean, they get to "be" that person/alien/robot/furry(Ha!),etc. You can't tell me some aren't getting kicks out've it in other ways. (Speaking of Furries, did you catch American Dad. Not a huge fan of that show but still.)

  4. I always assumed the 70's were when comic book creators were at their randiest and were dropping acid and nailing everything that moved. I just picture the 70's bullpen walking in slo mo like in most teen movies, with Steve Gerber doing the wink and two hand pointing at everyone.

    Ok, yes, I'm weird.

  5. "But seriously, people don't really have sex with each other in the comic book industry. They just collect stuff and buy cool art."

    Then how do you explain Dragon*Con? Or is that just fans? I know of at least one scandal, involving a respected artist, but I think that's general knowledge.

    THAT'S the article you should write... a weekend spent at Dragon*Con, amidst the pirates, the furries, the trekkies and Orion slave girls... (Never been, just heard various stories. And SF geeks are very randy!)