Monday, March 05, 2007

Possible New Supergirl Costume Design
Following the uproar over the scantily-clad latest incarnation of the Supergirl character, the new editor might choose to go with something more in the opposite direction.

Image found in this site:


  1. Y'know, I read the "Supergirl" arc in "Superman/Batman" and I've flipped through the current title now and again at the store, and I never noticed how skimpy her outfit really is until recently. Maybe it took reading some of your blog posts for it to become apparent to me. Oddly enough, I think Barry Kitson draws her very well in the "Legion" title. Maybe it isn't so much the outfit as it is the artist drawing it, and the poses/body type they work from?

  2. As I've stated before... I loved the classic-like look of the first 30 odd issues of the Linda Danvers Supergirl from Peter David's run. I would love for them to go back to that.

    Having said that... even if they keep the same look from now and just lose the belly shirt, amking it a full one piece I'd be fine.

  3. That would pretty much bring the costume back to the original, as Kara originally had a blue skirt:

    The current outfit is kind of an amalgamation of the original and the movie version (with the yellow trim).

  4. Aiyyyiiiii! Your design is too scandalous!

    Won't somebody think of the children?