Thursday, March 15, 2007

Which Pop-Culture Hairstyle
Should I Rip Off ?

It's that hated time again -- the time when I have to go and get my hair done.

I know it should be this fun, sexy experience, going to a salon -- but to me it brings back memories of when I was 8 and of my mom having to pay the barber extra because I kept ducking the scissors.

So I figured instead of agonizing over this alone, I would open the floor up to discussion:

What is the best pop-culture female hairstyle? (in general)
What would be the best for me? (take into consideration I can't blow-dry my hair for s**t)


  1. I'm a big fan of Misty Knight - you'd look awesome with a fro.I think it's be perfect for you, though I've never seen a blond 'fro' before.

    The Meg Griffin look is so so hot. But, those big glass and the pink beanie thing just don't work for you.

    Personally though, I think you should dye your hair red (because redheads are awesome) and go for the whole Firestar look. It's a powerful and firey look - and one that will certainly draw attention.

    See example:

    Plus, it'd get you one step closer to paling around with Spider-Man, Iceman, and the loveable Ms. Lion.

    - David

  2. I don't actually know what you look like but the lady above Meg Griffin has good hair, and Rogue's is always pretty good. Long hair is a massive pain though...

    Glad I'm not the only one who chooses haircuts from pop culture. I'm getting my hair cut like Power Girl's on Monday. Let's hope the evil hairdresser doesn't laugh at me when I bring in a comic.

  3. >> the lady above Meg Griffin has good hair >>

    That is Fred / IIlyria from the Joss Whedon program ANGEL. She was played by Amy Acker, who was also the voice of Huntress on JUSTICE LEAGUE UNLIMITED.

  4. If you want hawt, go for Illyria hair, coloring and all. ^_~

    If you want just plain lovely, I'm a fan of Babs' hair in that cover.

  5. Go for the Hernandez brothers thing...short, low maintenance, yet cute and kicky.

  6. What, no love for Sally Brown?
    That was my childhood fantasy cut...

  7. Hands down the Emma Frost hair...


  8. What, no love for Sally Brown?
    That was my childhood fantasy cut...

    That would be an awesome hairstyle if you were ... you know ... six.

    Plus, you don't have the round face that Sally has.

    I'm still voting for Firestar, which isn't even listed [insert sad emoticon here]

  9. Try the Iilyria one. Who knows, it might give you the power to--dare I say it?--rule the world.

    Which would be cool.

  10. "Try the Iilyria one. Who knows, it might give you the power to--dare I say it?--rule the world."

    --see, I like this

  11. I always liked how Sally Brown would constantly mess up in school and have those stupid book reports and wouldn't really care because she knew she was going to grow up to be a cute blond with probably a day-trader for a husband.

  12. The Firestar thing sounds interesting, but I was always told that if I dyed my hair red I'd look like Dana Scully from the X-Files

  13. It's no bad thing to look like Dana Scully! Gillian Anderson is awesome.