Friday, March 16, 2007

Amazing Voice

I'm pretty disenchanted by most popular music today but I really like this Amy Winehouse -- her music is like classic 60s girl group stuff/Motown dipped in hard liquor and harder living. It's the perfect counterpoint to these Britney/Jessica Simpson/etc singers who glorify the night life in their music & videos but aren't really honest about its effects. Winehouse seems completely honest -- she's waking up on the floor with a shot glass in her hand, looking like s**t, and not giving a rat's ass what anybody thinks of her. Not the best role model on the whole planet, but the music is great. I might actually (gasp!) buy this whole CD


  1. Funniest web site ever

    ps. Have you seen the JLA 10 cover? And this is AFTER the breast reduction!!

    Click here for Power Girl's obscene rack

    I am the FIRST to take up for Michael Turner but this is ridiculous

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