Thursday, March 29, 2007

"It's Time For Love"

Watch out, Green Lantern! Star Sapphire (and her glowing hoohah) has you in her crosshairs!

I think I had a She-Ra doll that did this once.

Of course, in a world of perfect economy, Saffy could be paired up with the dude from the Omac #3 cover and all would be well in the world...

(Anyway, just one more reason to run to your store & buy Green Lantern #18, in case you were looking)


  1. Yeah, we've been complaining about the issue for a while solely on the basis of the weird-ass redesign of Star Sapphire's costume. And apparently now not only does she have the horrible "sexxed-up outfit," but now she's gone for the cliched "I want to have sex with men so I can breed" evil female.

    *Sighs and wonders if there are any women who want to have children to raise a family, and not for stupid psychotic reasons*

  2. i bought it and never once noticed the glowing vajajay til u just pointed it out

  3. Clive Barker often had glowing vaginas featured in his books, Weave World in particular. In the context of the story and the force he called the 'Menstrum' (a kind of power that women could generate) it made sense in that Sister of the Moon way, even though it was kind of icky.

  4. "vajajay" is my new favorite word

  5. The OMAC image reminds me of the classic 'vagina dentata' images from mythology - and all of those 'fear of castration' issues that Freud brought up.

    Who knows, DC could just be trying to be 'mythic'

    Yea, that's the ticket.

  6. :) one of my fav's

    like, "dude, be careful not to get too close, her vajajay has teeth, and it will bite you!"

  7. "And if you ever saw it, you would even say it glows."

    My question is: When the action figure comes out, will that be a feature? Will it be flourescent or battery-powered?

  8. In all honesty I think we should avoid any mention of Star Sapphire, a glowing hoohah and battery powered within the same context.

    Seems like a bad idea really.

  9. like, "dude, be careful not to get too close, her vajajay has teeth, and it will bite you!"

    Though you gotta admit, if evolution gave us a set of those, occurances of rape would be much less frequent. (Well, of the male-initiated variety anyways. ;-P)