Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Supergirl, Power Girl, Girl Wonder:
Want To Make It 3-For-3?

via Lying In The Gutters:

Old PG Boobage:

New PG Boobage:
Ah, the wonders of Photoshop on a tight printing deadline!

So, did "fangirl" (and fangirl-friendly fanboy) online pressure get these Turner mammaries pulled back?

If so, can they get Stephanie's trophy case put in and make it, in addition to PG and the Supergirl switch, "3 for 3?"

Hint: You will have better luck with your "Stephanie" letter/e-mail writing campaigns if you write to the Top first. Your letter-writing order should be as follows:
1. Heads of corporate offices (for example, Time Warner)
2. Heads of comic book publishing offices
3. Editors

Editors alone are pretty powerless to implement such changes on their own even if they wanted to. These changes are made either by the top guns of the publisher or by the top guns of the publisher under direct pressure from the corporate office.

Postscript: PG's breasts still look like a butt on that cover.