Thursday, January 28, 2010

Val's CBR Interview

my CBR interview is up --
I'm a little more talkative in this interview than I've been in a while, so hope you enjoy it --

"D'Orazio Double Taps the Punisher"

Thanks Dave for a great interview!

PS, that's a pic of Laurence Campbell's art on top, he makes Frank look really badass in this book --

EDIT: shit, I just realized the interview got some art from the book in it. Looks so cool!


  1. Gorgeous pages. But wait wait wait...what's this Munden's Bar stuff? I didn't know you were a GrimJack fan! We really, really need to have that drink.

    Who do I have to suckerpunch to pitch a Munden's Bar story?

  2. I have no idea which X-Men character you'll be writing but it would be nice if it was my favorite: Rachel Summers.

  3. Ah, I love Rachel Summers and hope one day to write her character!