Thursday, January 14, 2010

Possible New Movie Peter Parkers... suggested by a gossip site with no listed sources:

a) Robert Pattinson
b) Michael Cera

c) Chace Crawford

I'm going to get all fan-geeky here and have to go with Chace Crawford. And I'll tell you why.

The dude looks like an actual comic book illustration. I don't mean that in a bad way. I mean: he looks like an illustration of Peter Parker in a (modern) comic book.

That said, this is the first time this Crawford fellow has been brought to my attention. I think I'm still living 8 years ago thinking that maybe Topher Grace would get the part.


  1. All of those guys would keep me away from the Spider-Man franchise permanently.

  2. Robert Pattison???

    Michael Cera???

    Don't know about the last guy.
    When I saw Spider-man 3 I too thought that Topher would have been cast better as Peter Parker. What about the guy who voices Peter on Spectacular Spider-man, Josh Keaton? Ah wait, he's 30...

  3. /goes off to look for more Chase Crawford photos on teh internetz...

  4. The whole point about Peter, is that yes...he's a good looking dude and should appeal to the ladies (plenty of nerd girls were into Tobey)...but he's also generic and sort of bland and doesn't stand out in a crowd. Chace Crawford seems a little too pretty to be a believable Peter Parker.

  5. that's quite scary - that last dude looks JUST like a John Romita version of Peter Parker...

    ...but then John Romita DID used to draw something of a 'movie star' cast.

  6. all these guys are to old, I don't think I could buy any of them as teenagers in high school.

  7. Chace Crawford is the only one who halfway looks like he might be a good Peter Parker. But then I've never seen him act. Robert Pattinson is too much of a pretty boy and a ladie's man. Michael Cera has too drowsy a personality to play a wise cracking superhero. He always comes off as too timid and soft spoken. I'm more open to Joseph Gordon-Levitt than when he was rumored to replace tobey. Topher Grace maybe. Shia LeBouf. I can't think of any more right now.

  8. What about the Joseph whatshisname guy? What's he up to these days?

    Out of all these cats, I'd go for the last one because I know nothing about him but he DOES look like a drawing of Peter Parker. Of course, they might want to go goofy-looking again like they did with Tobey Maguire, which I'd definitely support.

    In which case, I suppose that puts Michael Cera back at the head of the line. But as much as I liked him in Arrested Development and Juno, I think they should go for the financially cheaper option, which would be that third guy. Also he wouldn't have the baggage of over-familiarity the other guys on this list have.

    But if I were thinking like a movie exec... and I'm being generous by using the word "thinking"... I'd probably go with Pattinson or Cera because people will pay lots of money to see either of them as Spider-Man, because as we all know, the spectacle of a guy in colorful tights swinging by thin ropes above New York City just isn't enough to justify the 300 million or more they're going to blow... er... spend on this thing and the price for tickets they'll charge.

  9. Also, just a note to the producers-- I'm available starting June 1.

  10. Anonymous3:01 AM

    If Cameron made the Spider-Man retrilogy, the schedule would look like this:

    SM4: 2020
    SM5: 2027
    SM6: 2035