Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Writing Stunt #1

Writing Stunt #1: write stuff you used to write with zest when you were a teenager before you were taught you shouldn't write that stuff.

I've done that for the last two days, and I'm having fun; but I don't think you can read any of it. :-D


  1. I've always argued that High School English killed my interest in writing. I used to enjoy it when i was young,t hen slowly over the course of 4 years I ended up hating doing it.

    Now, ten years later I enjoy it again. I'm still a bit bitter over it.

    On the other hand, at once point I considered going into Journalism as a career, I may have HS to thank for helping me to dodge that eventual bullet.

  2. I had this very same thought. Although my teenage writing was hardly revolutionary; I wrote prose versions of comics and posted them online.

    Unfortunately, my zest for writing seems to have diminished a lot the last couple of years. Being constantly tired and mired in the "professional" comics world probably doesn't help much...

  3. I never stopped writing what people told me not to right.
    They said, "stop writing science fiction and fantasy and right something serious and literary."
    I did not listen to them.

  4. My problem wasn't so much a "stop writting X". It was more all of the requirements and structure.

    The worst being Junior year, the teacher had crap like "Every essay/whatever has to be XXX words long and only words that are 5 letters or more count".

    So I'd end up with these horribly terribly blasphemously ludicrously flowery articles using nothing except longish wordings and obtuse phrases serving purpose as padding and no other.

    It was stupid.