Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Megan Fox As Next Catwoman?

...and The Sun is there! Complete with crappy sub-fangeek Photoshop.

Unfortunately, these are the sorts of ill-conceived, banal things that have more likelihood of being true than things that are truly awesome.


  1. This makes me incredibly sad. She has yet to really demonstrate acting ability of any sort. Her dead delivery is perfect for running away from giant robots or killing high school boys as an undead demon. But as Christian Bale's opposite? I don't think she has the chops.

  2. I adore Megan Fox. She'd be a pretty excellent catwoman

  3. No one is really taking that story seriously, right?

  4. You mean like Cher as Catwoman? ;)

  5. I think Megan Fox is an adequate actress. She has never had great material, but she has never sunk below the material. She is obviously attractive and is developing a "name".

    That said, Fox is a terrible fit for Catwoman. The entire point of the character is to be the equal of Batman. Christian Bale is a serious, respected actor. Megan Fox is yet to arrive at that place.

    What would be wrong with Kate Beckinsdale? She is a peer and they were very good opposite each other in "Laurel Canyon".

  6. Ohh, Jeebus. Nothing gets the nerd boys more riled up than announcing Megan Fox will be cast in XYZ-Superhero movie.

    I really hope this isn't true. She's really only a household name because she's *GOOOORGEOUS* and not because she can act. Still, she doesn't seem to fail to make ticket sales happen.

    That said, I should totally make a movie about a seductive superheroine in a tight, vinyl outfit and cast her in it. I'd dedicate 95% of the budget to her hair, costume, make-up and a high speed camera for those sloooow motion shots. My profits will be huge.

    And I won't even ask her to wash my car.

  7. It's a story from The Sun. I'm fairly certain that's a gossip rag across the pond. Of course, if The Star over here confirms it, then it's probably... still false.

    All this boils down to is the fact that Catwoman is a fanboy related character and Megan Fox is huge among some (most?) fanboys. That, and she would look great in a Catwoman suit... as long as it were only in the context of having fun cosplaying at SDCC.

  8. Someone pointed out the Star posted this on the 1-year anniversary of their "Cher is Catwoman" story. Kind of funny, considering from my admittedly perfunctory online search there seems not to be even a treatment much less a script in place for this movie and neither Chistopher Nolan or Christian Bale have even signed anything about making it.

    So at this point, anybody could be Catwoman in this flick. You, me, the voice from the political soundtruck that's circling my apartment building this morning.

  9. I'd like to give the folks behind the new Batman franchise more credit than that, especially given how much of a build up the third movie has received.

    It's going to require better actors than Fox in order to live up to the promise of the Dark Knight.