Tuesday, December 26, 2006

"Goodbye To Comics" Linkarama

"Goodbye To Comics" Linkarama

the original Goodbye To Comics blog (start with the bottom link and work up)

please note that this list is in-progress

Publishers Weekly "The Beat"
Newsarama Blog
Lying In the Gutters
More Lying In The Gutters
The Sideshow
The Second Verse
The Comics Reporter
Barbelith Underground
When Fangirls Attack
Comics Worth Reading
Pen-Elayne On The Web
Lord Shazam's Blog
She's Such A Geek
Tales From The Longbox
Creative Destruction
Sequential Study
Digital Femme
Girls Read Comics (and they're pissed)
Angry Zen Master
Insert Babbling Here
Ink Destroyed My Brush
Nashville Art & Artists
Uncle Bear: Roleplay Like You Give A Damn
Urban Misanthrope
Neil Alien
Tired Fairy
Long Story Short Pier
Postmodern Angst
Paperback Reader
Mountain of Judgement
The Short Stack
The Nerdly Arts
Ed Mathews
The Comic Glutton
I Am A Tree
Laughing At The Pieces
A Distant Soil
Legion Of Doom
Whereof One Can Speak

Fluorescent Dreams Wax Cylinders
The Ziggurat Of Doom
100 Little Dolls
Comics Fairplay
Ariella Drake
May Contain Nuts
Howling Curmudgeons
The Rook's Not To Blame
Chris Piers
Evil Storyteller
Alan Pursell
James Nicoll
The Captain's Blog
Edward Champion's Return Of The Reluctant
Robert's Blog On MySpace
Return To Comics
A Blog Of Mirrors
Lainie: Artword Addict

Mortlake on the Schuylkill
Headpiece of the Staff of Ra
Loud Poet
This Book Is For You
House Of Zorn
The Appearance of the Repeated Meme
JLA News Link Blog
Memoirs de Mamoulian
Chaosmonkey's Blog on MySpace
Access and Egress
The Four-Color Media Monitor

Threads (in progress)
Gail Simone on Comic Book Resources
DC Message Boards
The Comics Journal

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  1. I got here from Charles Yoakum's blog, which I got to from a Google search looking for some DC female heroes for a discussion about 'Smallville'. Complicated path, no? Heh.

    I'm... appreciative of the serendipity. Your blog entries have been horrifying and fascinating and compelling; thank you for being willing to share, rather than keeping this all private.