Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Is Songbird The Next Breakout Marvel Superheroine?

Reading about how long-term Thunderbolts character Songbird is going to be in the upcoming Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 game, I wondered if she was being positioned as the next "breakout" Marvel superheroine.

Things in her favor:
* unique hair
* it seems like they're totally building up a storyline where she redeems herself and ends up on the Avengers or some other team like that, which would put her in the spotlight
* unique hair

I personally like Songbird a lot, and think she has a rich characterization that has been carefully developed over time. Has she earned a place yet with Elektra, Ms. Marvel, Emma Frost, and others? Well, I think she is certainly a contender.

Plus, never underestimate the power of unique hair.

Here is an interview on the official Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 site with some of the developers where they extensively talk about Songbird's involvement with the game.