Friday, August 01, 2008


Hello dears,

Remember the accident I described in "Goodbye To Comics?" The one I was uninsured for?

Well, I paid off a relatively good portion of it over the years, but that involved draining out my personal savings to zero.

I still owe $2900, and I have to pay $500 by next week.

Which is fine. I mean, I really can't afford any of this, but it's going to be fine.

I've reduced my hours at my current job to give me more room to breathe with my writing, and taken on an extra marketing freelance gig. In a couple of months, when everything kicks in, I should be fine. But the next month is going to be brutal. And I will be paying medical insurance out-of-pocket, so that's a bit more stress.

I don't like being in debt. I never planned to be in debt. I never planned to have this insane accident.

I don't like borrowing money. I don't like credit. I want to start a family. I want a fresh start.

This is all to say, that I'm selling off everything of value -- that is not directly related to my job or my writing or is really special to me -- on eBay. Starting next week.

Don't feel sorry for me. Some people, many people, are in far far far worse shape than I am. But as I said, I don't like being in debt. I do think it is bullshit that people have their lives and finances gutted because of accidents outside their control -- that while they are still in the hospital bed they are being asked for how many bandages they used so they can itemize those bandages on your bill. Yes, they actually fucking do that.

Really, this is just a hanging dread that's carried over from a couple of years ago. I'm going to face it head-on and make the sacrifices and put it to bed in as positive a way as I can think of. And I'm going to clear out my medical debts and come out of this better than before.

So when the auction starts, if you want to check it out and buy anything...

That's all I'm saying. Have a good weekend!