Friday, March 05, 2010

Punisher MAX Butterfly Pick Of The Week On G4's Fresh Ink!

Blair Butler just picked Punisher MAX: Butterfly as her Pick Of The Week on G4's Fresh Ink Blog!

She also had some good words for Girl Comics #1!

I...gah! I just feel really good right now. That's all.


  1. That was a great review. I was blown away by "Butterfly" and I don't know who wouldn't be.

  2. Anonymous1:52 AM

    Amazing. It got terrible reviews everywhere else. CBR gave you a 1/2 star out of five.

  3. "Amazing. It got terrible reviews everywhere else."

    Nope, actually I have one page of highly positive reviews, including the major website IGN, & am preparing another to post this weekend. Plus the many people who have publicly posted on Twitter, Facebook, my blog, and emailed me personally. So you are actually not accurate at all when when you say "everywhere else."

    Funny how two sets of different people can read the same text, and one group can so very passionately love it, and one group can so violently hate it. I wonder what that's all about?

    Oh, I think I'll just watch Blair's review again, then write more comics.

  4. I guess I take issue with CBR contention about mean cliches like a guy who decides to kill all mobsters after his family gets murdered?

  5. I managed to pick up Butterfly and Girl Comics #1 and thoroughly enjoyed both.

    I really loved Butterfly. It's nice to see that someone actually remembered that comics used to have a complete story in one issue. Haven't ever picked up a Punisher book, but I didn't really feel I was missing out on gobs and gobs of continuity. I wish more single issues were written as complete stories. I'd be more willing to shell out for floppies than wait for trades.

    Congrats Val! Looking forward to moar!

  6. Just picked up the one-shot (last week rent was due, so I skipped a week to my local shops). Picked this up and thoroughly enjoyed it! Well done.