Friday, March 05, 2010

Another Punisher MAX: Butterfly Review

From the 13 Minutes blog:

"If there’s more where this came from, then she can easily hold her own with the likes of Greg Rucka, Brian Michael Bendis, Brian Azzarrello, and Jason Aaron. This book was very weighty and absolutely worth the $4.99 price tag, feeling like a novel’s worth of content hiding in the confines of a pamphlet, transcending those disposable trappings. This is something unique and extraordinary. I can’t wait for her next project; I wonder if she has an ongoing in her or this was an isolated explosive bout of creativity. Either way, I’ll cherish this."


  1. Thanks for the lnkage, Val! I'll definitely be checking out the impending Emma Frost book. Any ETA on the Cloak & Dagger series, or did I miss that?

  2. Read it, dug it. I'll second those "series helm" notions.

  3. Hey Val,

    I'm dealing with a really trolly comment over at my site, dude is saying crazy things like:

    "The only reason this girl even got a job writing comics is because she bitched her way inside."

    Thought you would get a mad kick out of it, check it out...


  4. Justin, I appreciate the heads-up -- as well as the review! I'm very sorry you're dealing with a troll on that post.

    I've accepted a long time ago that this sort of stuff is just going to be par of the course as I move forward in my career. (shrugs)

    I've watched it happen to other female creators online.