Friday, April 10, 2009

Memoir Reviews (and NEW COVER!)

It's the book they said shouldn't be written...

Now with a brand new cover!
(Thanks, Sean!)

The reviews are coming in:

"Magnificent, searing, compulsive-repulsive, not so much typed out as screamed into existence. Should be read by everyone who reads this column. No exceptions."
--Rich Johnston, "Lying in the Gutters"

"I found the writing style to be fast moving, insightful, and full of humor."
--Rob, Talkin Bout Comics

"There's sex, and violence, and drugs, and stalkers, and larceny, and illicit affairs, and lesbianism, and witchcraft, and everything else Fredric Wertham was afraid of. But somehow... somehow Valerie overcomes ALL of it; maybe with more than her fair share of battle scars and war wounds, but she overcomes it nonetheless. It's an extraordinary tale of the can't-put-it-down variety. (Seriously. I couldn't get any work done today because I kept going back to it.)"
--Sean Kleefeld, "Kleefeld on Comics"

Remember, you can buy your copy of this eBook by clicking the button below...

Next stops on this journey:
  • Major PR initiative to promote the book (within next two weeks)
  • Hard Copy (considering several options...)
  • Create imprint to self-pub other books
  • Part Two of "Memoirs" (starting to come up with ideas)



  1. Sure that is very interesant

  2. I'm waiting on the hard copy "next stop on this journey." Screen reading = hard. :)

  3. Excellent reviews! Congratulations. Snoopy's even a fan? That's great!

  4. Anonymous12:50 AM

    I just read the touch of Asperger's thing. I nearly choked on my Root Beer because I never picked up on that before, and I'm presumptuous when it comes to other people and AS. In my college improv club, I was a superhero called Aspie Lad.

    I was sidekick to Super-Gimp, my friend Gwen Dreyer, who was indeed on crutches at the time.