Thursday, November 05, 2009

When Work-Worlds Collide

I work in two fields right now: writing & marketing.

Basically, here is how it works: marketing 9 to 5 (but from home, so it's pretty cool), and writing after work & on weekends.

It's all very left-brain/right-brain. Two totally different worlds, too.

But here's a funny story:

So I was writing something that involved action, guns, explosions, etc. And I said to myself: "Self, it behooves you to be familiar with the basics of this here action stuff." So I did research on Wikipedia, bought some books, etc. Was really proud of myself.

Around the same time, I went to a dinner party and explained to somebody about how to market their work. And this is what I said:

"Sure, I'd be happy to write you a little squib or something for my blog."

"A what?"

"A squib...uh, a blurb. I meant to say blurb."

A squib is, of course, an explosive device.

Blurb, squib: it all sounds the same.

As long as I don't accidentally confuse CPC with IED, I should be fine.

(Runner-up "worlds collide" situation, but in the strictly sci-fi geek sense: I actually used the word "grok" as a verb when speaking to a marketing associate. Yeah, gonna try to avoid that for now on.)


  1. If your colleague hasn't read Stranger In a Strange Land, hey, it's their loss.

  2. "If your colleague hasn't read Stranger In a Strange Land, hey, it's their loss."


  3. "2. a. A brief satirical or witty writing or speech, such as a lampoon.
    b. A short, sometimes humorous piece in a newspaper or magazine, usually used as a filler."

    You were closer than you thought :)

  4. Yeah, that's how I feel too.

    Grok on! :D

  5. Anonymous4:20 AM

    I often times oft get so caught up in trying to write for different mediums that I forget to that I either enjoy writing for all of them or have current projects.

  6. How come every writer I know or come across has some sort of marketing job?

    And 'squib' is a much better word than 'blurb.'

  7. Anonymous1:36 AM

    Of course, a squib in Harry Potter's world is someone born to a wizarding family without magical abilities.