Tuesday, January 02, 2007

The Schizoid Amazon

The Schizoid Amazon"Wonder Woman symbolizes many of the values of the women's culture
that feminists are now trying to introduce into the mainstream."
--Gloria Steinem

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Item# 882312

Childs Deluxe Wonder Woman

New Version of ChildsWonderwoman. Costume includes Wonder Woman Dress with attached cape, wonder woman headpiece, arm bracelets, belt and Boot tops. Wonder Woman Emblem is Stitched on.


  1. So, I'm a little confused - are we talking about how many stupid covers and panels have depicted Wonder Woman in the standard sexist fashion in contrast to what many feminists believe when they think of her as a rolemodel? Not to mention the children's Wonder Woman costumes were actually quite adorable. ^^

  2. yeah, and the funny thing is (and i'm sure you know this) that dichotomy has been there from the beginning. her creator william moulton marston made a good-faith effort to create a strong female role model for young girls -- and then got a little sidetracked by his own bondage fetish. and that aspect never really went away, probably because he was hardly alone in getting a charge out of that kind of thing.

  3. Actually, from what I read, while he himself may have been into it, he used it as a marketing ploy to attract male readers.

  4. My impression, from the few thorough articles I've seen, is that Marston's bondage fetish was pretty benign - not a punishment thing, but more like a test-your-limits thing. I remember Spider Robinson using the idea in a sex/romance scene in a novel once; one of the characters explained it as a way to be able to let yourself go without hurting yourself or your partner.

    It's still a little weird, but at least it's a lot more positive than 'the slut must be punished' sort of bondage.

    Anything after the good doctor, though... well. Eyebrow of skepticism. [keeps reflexively trying to pull Diana's uniform down to cover her tuchus]