Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Moving On To "Comics Are For Everyone"

Hello all,

As of Jan 1st, 2011 I will longer be running Friends of Lulu. I will be seeing the 2010 Lulu Awards to completion (including going to Long Beach Comic Con and presenting the awards), but other than that I am no longer promoting Friends of Lulu.

Instead, my energies will be turned towards a new organization called Comics Are For Everyone.

Spinning off of my "Comics Revolution" mailing list, the five goals of Comics Are For Everyone are:

1. Return Comics To The Masses

2. Create Tomorrow's Heroes & Icons

3. Increase Opportunities For Comic Creators

4. Eradicate Sexism/Racism/Homophobia/Ageism in Comics

5. Give Back To The World

Specifically, the organization will:
  • oppose discrimination and encourage unity
  • educate current and aspiring comics freelancers
  • promote the work of young and young-at-heart creators
  • reward diversity in comics with both recognition and awards
  • lobby for the creation of more new characters instead of the same retreads
  • organize comic professionals and fans in the support of charitable enterprises
  • spotlight comics in genres other than superheroes: children's, crime, romance, sci-fi, western, etc.
I do not see the organization being a non-profit for at least the first year of its existence, as I have to tie up loose ends with FoL and then there is a long process to become a non-profit. But this organization will include an awards ceremony, and the first one will take place in 2011. If we can work with one or more preexisting comics charities or charitable causes and help them raise money that year, that would be great.

There was not one particular thing that made me decide to leave Friends of Lulu and start Comics Are For Everyone. Just a natural evolution. I respect the very strong opinions some former members have regarding both the function of Friends of Lulu and the issue of women in comics in general. I urge those persons to take up the cause of Friends of Lulu and restore it to whatever version of it was working for them. I am happy to assist those persons in the transition, and they will be personally contacted by me and given a chance to take up the cause before I leave.

My thanks to everybody who has supported both Friends of Lulu and Comics Revolution these last several months. I am very excited about the future, and I feel very good about this decision. If you wish to join the Comics Revolution mailing list, please email me at the sidebar.


  1. Sounds like the right next step for you. Keep fighting the good fight.

  2. #4 should probably be reworded.

    While those specific -isms are valid targets, a more general scope will allow your organization to fight against other injustices as they may appear.

    You've got my email, let me know when you need some brainstorming!