Sunday, August 01, 2010

Friends of Lulu Update II

Just another update for those who are interested...

The Friends of Lulu financial records have been located, and arrangements are being made to ship them to my house. Not having access to those records was one of our biggest hurdles, and probably the most crucial in order to get the organization running up to full speed again.

My deep thanks to everyone involved in the return of those documents.

This weekend has been spent writing up a proposal for a multi-part Friends of Lulu initiative at an upcoming comic convention, which should be announced soonish. Lulu's presence at this major convention would consist of:
  • A table
  • Space for the Lulu awards
  • At least one panel

Our generous volunteers are being given a schedule for the Lulu Awards, with each person having a job to help out. If all goes well, the dates for the Awards should also be announced soonish.

So: happy to give more good news. We'll see where it all leads.