Friday, July 30, 2010

Friends Of Lulu Assemble! + A New Home For The Lulu Awards

I'm pleased to announce that Friends of Lulu has assembled an unofficial, interim Board of Directors. Volunteers have stepped forward to take on the following roles:
  • Interim Treasurer
  • Interim Director of Communications
  • Interim Membership Secretary
  • Interim Recording Secretary

These persons have generously offered their time to assist FoL, and will be an invaluable help to the organization. So Kynn, Gemma, David, and Richard: thank you!!!!!!

Please note that though we have an interim Board of Directors, all immediate responsibilities for the time being lie with myself in the Presidential role. It is my hope that if all goes well, we can make this an official Board.

The only Friends of Lulu event and initiative planned for the rest of 2010 is the Lulu Awards, in order to keep the continuity of this unique award going.

A particular comic convention has generously offered use of their space to hold the Lulu Awards, as well as a panel. They have also offered us a table at the Con. When this deal becomes final and official, we will make a big announcement.

Glad to have some good news to impart to you on this front as we head into the weekend.