Thursday, February 25, 2010

Hot Topic T-Shirt Swipe


found on Twitter via @wigu

Original art by Vera Brosgol:

I have a friend in the fashion industry, she said this happens all the time. Art gets copied without permission, textile patterns get copied, everything.


  1. Todd Goldman or whatever his name was instantly comes to mind. He copied a webcomic image and everyone knew it, but he still lied outrageously to the press.

  2. If I was an artist and found my designs ripped off on Hot Topic or wherever, I'd just about lose my mind in anger. This is unimaginable. Especially when it's so blatant.

    Hot Topic needs to pull this t-shirt.

  3. I'd rather see Hot Topic pay for it big time. It would be press for Vera Brosgol too!

  4. So it looks like the store and the band are being cooperative and pulling the shirt.

    Which is cool, though I'm still a bit curious about who the designer was. Mostly so the internet as a whole can glare disapprovingly at them and waggle their collective forefinger in admonishment.

  5. There's got to be a lawsuit in here somewhere, right?

  6. Not much you can do about that sort of thing, all that particular one really crossed the line. Fond memories of my father - he was king of the knockoffs - figuring out how to modify designer stuff & make a fortune for the owner of the discount clothing retail outfit he worked for. There is a fine line between inspiration & outright theft:)

  7. Wow. That's just. Wow.

  8. And sometimes t-shirt swipe artists really screw up and swipe art from the Nazi SS:

    I think this type of thing happens a lot more than people realize.

  9. There is no protection for textiles or dress patterns (unless someone is trying to "palm off" goods as authentic when they are not).

  10. Wow. I had a graphic design professor who is a top illustrator and he talked about this kind of stuff in an amused way one day in class. He had a drawing ripped off by a fraternity for one of their party tees. I can't for the life of my remember the resolution to the incident, though. I think he was simultaneously flattered AND pissed off by it.

    What a crappy anecdote!

  11. What is with Hot Topic and how can they get away with that? HT takes up quite a bit of space in this ripoff identifier blog.

    My 'favorite' is Emily Strange's wholesale ripoff of Rosomond from Nate The Great

  12. Anonymous6:41 PM

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  13. And it looks like they took the lesbians and made it into a hetero couple. Thanks, Hot Topic!