Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Female Officially In Charge Of DC Comics

I almost got a hernia in my reaction to this article. Not kidding. I'm in pain. But it's a good pain.

You can only place my reaction in context of the massive amount of misogyny I've witnessed or heard reported about in selected sectors of DC Comics during the time I've worked there. During those four years, I had seen strong women again and again be censured, criticized, grumbled about, and disparaged. I've watched my department be emptied out of females one-by-one. I was warned on literally the first day I worked there by two different people to watch my back because I was a woman and not to make any waves. I was told by one boss that females just didn't have the natural aptitude to edit comic books.

I am absolutely thrilled that the buck now stops with a woman at DC Comics. I am overjoyed – nay, almost orgasmic – that certain men will now have to regard Diane Nelson as their boss. It is karma working on the most basic level. Let these men explain to Nelson, who has worked with one of the most famous female fantasy writers in the entire world, how women don't have the natural aptitude to edit and create comic books. Let these men explain to her the employment and dismissal history of female editors in the DCU over the last ten years. Let these men explain to her the plot of Final Crisis – I dare them.

The other shoe has finally dropped. Expect a lot of change before SDCC 2010.

Wow! That's awesome.

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