Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Top Seven Supervillain Couples

Everybody talks about superhero romance on Valentine's Day, but what about the supervillains?? Don't they need love too?

Here is a list of the top 7 supervillain couples:

7. Titania and Absorbing Man

6. Crossbones and Sin

5. Mystique and Destiny

4. Thanos and Death

3. Spike and Drusilla

2. Destro and The Baroness

1. The Joker and Harley Quinn


  1. Crossbones and Sin kinda creeps me out. Isn't Sin, like, 10 years old?

  2. I just assumed that this was all counting down to Mallah and the Brain. Sadly, I was mistaken. Or someone was, anyway.

    (Crossbones? Really?)

  3. Uh, Ahem? Some of us aren't shallow enough to differentiate between your petty labels of "Good" and "Eeeeevil", missy. Of course, it seems we share a favorite supervillain couple, so it's all good.

    . . . except for your totally dissing Deadpool and Death. :P

  4. Count me as another person wanting to see Mallah and The Brain on here. :)

  5. I'm with idiolect! Mallah & Brain are TRUE LOVE 4 EVA. & Crossbones? A joke!

  6. Kraven & leopard print?

  7. What about absorbing man and titania?!

  8. Yeah, wow, where's Mallah and Brain?

    I can't believe you put out this OFFICIAL list and did such a DISSERVICE to the BEST characters EVER.

    But seriously, I am sad that you do not love Mallah and the Brain the way I do: The deep and dirty way.

    You know, I think I tend to really like the gay couples in comics. Probably because writers don't feel they have to, or perhaps don't want to, make things more interesting, such as adding infidelity and distress like they feel they need to with straight couples. I think I just like reading characters who are in love.

    That's why I am so saddened by Brand New Day.

    Thanks for letting me get that all of my chest.

  9. Gotta say, Crusher & Skeeter are my all time favorite villain couple.

    But Mallah and the Brain make me feel all kinds of uncomfortable.

  10. For all y'all upset by the lack of Mallah and The Brain, may I happily direct your attention here? :P

    And I also forgot to add that Spike & Dru are aces on my list. Great choice!

  11. That was a good list, a bunch of people I forgot about, but I like that you left out Mallah and the Brain, anything with gorillas like that is too hip and ironic, too in, everybody talks about that stuff these days.

  12. The Monarch and Dr. Girlfriend?

  13. Aw, puddin'. . . this was a great list: I completely agree that Harley and the Joker are the best supervillain couple. Heck, they're one of the best couples to me, PERIOD.

    Where do you think Gamora/Nova fit in? Or maybe Batman and Catwoman?

  14. The Monarch and Dr. Girlfriend?

  15. Mallah and The Brain? Everyone knows that the greatest evil couple is Harley Quinn and The Joker! Besides Doesn't The Brain like Billie Mouse (I know, different brain, but I just had to make that joke)?

  16. Ba-pish. Harley's only true love is Poison Ivy. Has Scans_Daily taught us nothing?

  17. Isn't Poison Ivy with Bane or something?